Useful Documents

A selection of various documents (usually pdf's) gathered together for convenience; more will be added in due course.

In no particular order:

HIVES. A nicely presented and useful guide to the types of hive available.

MATING NUC RECORD CARD. These are used for each mini-nuc or mating nuc.

HIVE RECORD CARD. These are printed off and one used for each colony

INSULATING HIVES. There has always been discussion concerning insulating hives for winter, although it is generally accepted now that well-insulated hives or polystyrene ones result in less winter fuel-consumption and a faster spring build-up. This is one study that shows positive effects.

VARROA TREATMENTS and their effects on honeybees. Some cite 'queen problems' as an issue of recent years. This paper may be of interest.

THYMOL MIXTURE. This thymol emulsion can be used in syrup feed for honeybees as a treatment for nosema. See the 'paper under the NOSEMA heading for more information.

NOSEMA can be a problem for some colonies. However Thymol can be used as an alternative treatment according to the 'paper shown below.