Cold Way Warm Way

This describes if the frames are parallel or perpendicular to the entrance. Nucleus colonies are generally supplied 'cold way' and I personally have my frames the ‘Cold’ way – perpendicular to the entrance. This means that I can stand at one side of the hive or the other when doing my inspections - I can move to the other side of the hive so I don't have to stretch over too far which is uncomfortable on the lower back. It also allows someone else to view from the opposite side of the hive without getting in the way of the bees. With frames the warm way you need to stand at the back of the hive to inspect the frames or you will be twisting yourself.

Returning Norfolk Bees

There is a difference in the way bees store food however in autumn particularly when robbers are about, there may be an advantage to having the brood area – by now in the middle of the hive – closer to the entrance – the cold way - so the bees can get to the entrance more quickly to defend from robber wasps.

The choice is yours as to what you do.