Everyone has links from their web site to others. This is no exception. 

British Beekeepers Association Web Site This is getting more of an 'investor relations' website rather than one for beekeepers but worth a look.
Norfolk Beekeepers Association
Waveney Beekeepers Association
Scottish Beekeepers Association
Beebase - Useful information from the government.
BBKA's Beekeeping Forum. Easy to join even if you are not a member of the BBKA. Friendly and helpful.
Applebee - Local beekeeping supplies from a Master Beekeeper
Scientific Beekeeping. Jolly good website from the USA.
Mid Atlantic Apiculture research
IBRA International Bee Research Association. Lots of stuff even if you're not a member.
Dave Cushman's site - Some pages look old-fashioned but are now being updated - contains a large amount of information - a 'must view' website for any beekeeper.
Honey Recipes Some mouth-watering recipes with - err honey of course!

If a link is missing or incorrect, please let us know. Thanks!