Everyone has links from their web site to others. This is no exception. 

British Beekeepers Association Web Site
Norfolk Beekeepers Association
Waveney Beekeepers Association
Scottish Beekeepers Association
Beebase - Useful information from the government.
Applebee - Local beekeeping supplies from a Master Beekeeper
Scientific Beekeeping. Jolly good website from the USA.
Mid Atlantic Apiculture research
IBRA International Bee Research Association. Lots of stuff even if you're not a member.
Dave Cushman's site - Some pages look old-fashioned but are now being updated - contains a large amount of information - a 'must view' website for any beekeeper.
Honey Recipes Some mouth-watering recipes with - err honey of course!

If a link is missing or incorrect, please let us know. Thanks!