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Harvest Time. The honey season is nearly over.

posted 6 Aug 2012, 09:14 by Adam Darling

After a poor season for bees with severe mating issues due to bad weather, we have had a good couple of weeks and with damp soil and decent temperatures, honey is finally being harvested. Supers are coming off and it will be time to treat the honey-gathering colonies for varroa very soon. The smaller ones or ones that have no supers on are already being treated.

Overwintered Nucs Available

posted 6 Mar 2012, 06:13 by Adam Darling   [ updated 6 Mar 2012, 06:14 ]

I have - or expect to have - a small number of overwintered nucs available; some already have homes to go to. These are subject to inspection later in March. Please get in touch if interested. I will start queen rearing later in Spring; again please get in touch for 2012 queens or 2012 nucs.

The queen colour for 2012 is yellow.

Bee keeper Norfolk

Too warm!

posted 31 Oct 2011, 05:39 by Adam Darling

After a very mild October bees are not clustering and are flying with very little income. A couple of my hives don't appear to be as heavy as I thought they were as I suspect they have eaten some of their stores in the balmy 15 - 18 degrees we have been getting. Indeed I have put some feed on them as they should be able to process it in the mild weather. Careful checking of stores will be necessary before forage starts in the spring.

October 30.

Nucs Available in Norfolk

posted 10 Jun 2011, 06:17 by Adam Darling

At the time of writing I have several 5 frame nucs available to sell. These have this years queens who are laying well. Frames are BS Hoffman types which are self-spacing. If you use plastic spacers, these can slip over the ends OK. 

Each nuc is supplied in a plywood box which can be re-used. However if you want to bring a clean hive for me to put the bees in and collect it later that's OK. Any inspection welcome. 

Stocks to be sold have at least 3 frames of brood of all ages. The queens will have been laying for at least 3 weeks before they are ready to go, and nucs are supplied with sufficient stores too. The bee inspector visited my apiary earlier this year and found no problems. Queens are marked white for this year and can be clipped if required.

Nucs are available from my Norfolk apiary until stocks are exhausted! Please email or phone for more details.

10 June 2011

Website updates required

posted 3 Jun 2011, 07:21 by Adam Darling

There are a few links to the BBKA web site. As a result of a major re-vamp, their web-site changes have changed. Links from this to theirs will be changes shortly.


posted 28 Apr 2011, 06:27 by Adam Darling   [ updated 3 Jun 2011, 07:35 ]

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